Our Legacy

Michael Harris

Born: December 19th 1976
Died: December 31st 1999

A Star Football Player that spent his downtime hanging out with his friends having drinks. He was truly a good friend, even though he started this all he still tried to delay the inevitable. I will truly miss him.

Barbara Sydow

Born: July 20th 1974
Died: January 1st 2000

The Kind Gentle Soul that always took time out of her day to help others. She was going to be a Nurse. She just loved to help people and when we came in contact with The Beast she tried to keep us stable both psysically and mentally. She was my best friend.

Westly Frye

Born: May 5th 1978
Died: December 31st 1999

He helped Tamara program this Website. He was Smart and Selfless and Brave. He always seemed to know what to do and when to do it. I never doubted him for a minute, that was until the end.

Tamara Atkins

Born: February 13th 1976
Died: January 3rd 2000

She was the last of us to go, she fought so hard to save her friends that she forgot to save herself. She died once taken off life support. I miss her so much.